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Pastel Gore OCS and/or Suggestions
I shall draw your OC's or a suggestion for you in pastel gore mode!


*Must give me a link for reference

*If you want me to add a quote to it, please tell me

*No nudity (I will censor with x's or small black bars)

Newest Deviations

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JadetheProxy's Profile Picture
Mark M.
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Welcome to Meme Hell!
I take requests, commissions and art trades!
I love making adoptables.
I love making friends, especially on dA.
You may critique, just make sure to link me the video if you do film it~
If my art bothers you, I am so sorry sweetheart.
I am trying to improve~

Run Stamp by CRIMlNALS Dark Trees Stamp by CRIMlNALS It Never Ends.. by electr0kill Always tired... by prosaix Forset stamp 01 by SheviEdge Trees Stamp v2 by CRIMlNALS I tried... I can't anymore by JustYoungHeroes Don't get attached by AdrianaFilip

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Request for a friend of mine!!
Requested by :iconmonsterlollipops:

Does it look nice??

You're welcome!

Also, I know the lil slime baby is yellow. I just wanted to make him translucent-ish so he still is yellow lol
To me, Bases are like collabs

They are fun, easy, and sometimes helpful to do here and then
But if you keep doing them, it gets boring and you never experiment.
Teddy Bear - Mel Edit
You were comforting and quiet
How did love become so violent?
Forced Fusion (Oc??) - Gemsona

So she is a forced fusion of a yellow sapphire, defective ruby, and high class lapis.
I like to think that when she wants, she can blink her eyes and they turn into mouths.

I might turn her into a adoptable??

Steven Universe (the show) belongs to Rebecca Sugar and their other respectful owners (I don't know them all.)
Hey guys!

As you know, I am pansexual.
I have been very comfortable with that.
But I'm not comfortable with my gender..
I know I might lose some watchers for this, 
but I trust you guys.
I'm transgender.
Ftm to be exact. 
I know you might not care and you just stick around for my personality
or art, but eh. I want you guys to know.
So please call me by he/him pronouns.
Since my name was Mariam and I shortened
it as Mary for a nickname, thinking if I made my name more feminime
I would feel like a girl, My new name is Mark. I will be making male 
versions of my ocs, so expect that.
Thanks for reading!~
I'm just going to watch 10 episodes of Happy Tree Friends. Wish me luck~
Neon Pinkie Pie - MLP
I wanted to experiment with bright and loud colors since they are my favorite.
Did I do good? Please do give tips on how I can fix it. Also, should I continue drawing like this?

Pinkie Pie belongs to Lauren Faust and Hasbro

Do not steal, trace, etc.
I just wanted to do this since I am apart of the LGBTQA+
If you did not know, I am pansexual!
Meaning I don't care for the gender, rather the person.
I don't care if you are non-binary, girl, boy, transgender, etc
I just love you for you! ^^

Pansexual Pansexual Heart Pan Paw Pansexual Pride Flag 
May you guys block ricksanchez138? He has been sending links claiming that one of your pieces of art is his. The link is supposedly the "original". The link is actually a virus, and I would hate for any of you aspiring artists to get a virus because some idiot wants to irritate everyone. So please, block and report him.
420 Watchu Smokin


btws pinkie pie belongs to hasbro-
//My Party ~
Bb Pearl Is Sry
i'm going to keep posting random stuff till i reach 420 drawings

also uh pearl and steven belongs to rebecca sugar and their
rightful owners
Thanks to the person who liked (I think) all of my pictures! I forgot your username, but thank you~ Also, I will be trying to use a base for the next piece. I will also make you a food adopt ^^
//Asgore In Frisk's Sweater - *UNDERTALE*
Idk, I just wanted to use the ink tool in Pixlr
I did pretty well with a mouse tbh
//Creepypasta Oc - Merry Mary
Yes, my CP OC is the same as my Pastel gore oc. Kind of fits her?

Age: 14 (Pretty young to be a slasher CP, huh?)

Sexuality: Pansexual (Like you need to know that)

Bio: (Based off of my life) Well let's get into the basics. Sorry if this sounds Mary Sue-ish (Pun intended)(Wait that would just be me apologizing for my life story.. Yeah, sorry.). She had a average life, though she was different. She would fight with the boys and even trained with the "bad boy" in 3rd grade. Yeah, pretty strange. She had imaginary friends that she never wanted to talk of since they weren't really imaginary.. Before she even started school, her life was kind of rough. Her mother and father fought all the time before getting divorced, having her father leave her at age 2. She grew up with her mother verbally and sometimes physically abusing her, teaching her that even the ones you loved can hurt you. At age 7 she realized she didn't only like guys as she developed a crush on her best friend. Then the Slender incident. She befriended two weirdos who kept telling her that they were Slender man's proxies, which she believed. They told her she wouldn't become a proxy, but rather a creepypasta. She didn't care at the time. Another incident that I can not speak of happened, causing her school life to go downhill. She had to go to the therapist and let me tell you, they suck. Her therapist was a homophobic christian woman who looked as if she had atleast 4 kids. Mary didn't trust her at all. The therapist told her she had anxiety, but her mother denied it. Her mother denied anything wrong with Mary. I'll finish the story, but let's continue with Mary's mother. She was quite a lovely lady. Kind of. She was loud, cursed too much, and had anger issues. Mary was no different, but she sure as hell would know not to abuse her own child. Not only was Mary's mother all things great, but she grew to dislike Mary. Mary could tell from the way her mother would threaten her and act around her. All because of Mary's stupidness when she was younger. Her mother saw Mary as a threat, one that could end her entire family. Her Step Father was no different. Her step father believed in the flat earth, the illuminati, and all things stupid. Mary hated how her step father saw her as crazy for her past with Slender but no one batted a damn eye at his conspiracies. But that was what resulted in Mary leaving. She was, or thought she was, a Slender Victim. She had the Slender Sickness, but no blood. She could never have a nosebleed or bleed easily. So of course, Mary went to the forest from age 11 on her birthday. She convinced others it was just for excersise, health, and fresh air, but she wanted to check on dear ol' Slender. When age 14 hit, Mary's life changed. Her mother and Step father decided it was best to find her a therapist. She planned to run away that night. But her step father attempted to stop her, resulting in his gory demise. Mary was terrified at the fact she f*cking MURDERED SOMEONE, so she just ran. She ran and ran. She stopped at a forest and past out from running. When she woke up, she was met with a certain no-faced person. She ended up becoming a creepypasta after all and united with her two friends. The end.

Might make a whole detailed story on it, so yeah. See ya!~ ^^
Larimars Oc - CP OC (Not mine!)
My friends Oc! I don't know her name, nor story, but she wanted me to draw her! ^^


According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a bee should be able to fly. Its wings are too small to get its fat little bod...


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